Mario Balotelli’s agent, Mino Raiola, has warned that Balotelli could quit England if he continues to receive what he calls ‘unfair treatment’. Mino said “I think he feels persecuted; he cannot go on like that”. This comes after last weekend’s incident involving Scott Parker which has since seen Mario banned for four-games. Mino is not the first to question what he sees as victimisation, Balotelli’s sister Cristina making accusations that the English press hounded Italians who didn’t live up to expectations after her brother had an incident with Man Utd’s Nemanja Vidic during the Charity Shield earlier this season. Raiola added on a Radio 5 interview:

“We had a very clear image of his career at the beginning and I told the press openly Mario will have to stay at Manchester City for at least three of four years, helping the club on this important project and grow as a man and a player.

Obviously if he’s being banned every three or four games for one reason or another we cannot go on like that and there needs to be an end to that.

So if that’s the case and English referees and the English FA would like Mario to go out of England then we would take that seriously in consideration, even if that’s not and was not our intention.

He [Mario] is very disappointed about the decision. He loves playing in England. He keeps asking ‘why always me, why does it always come back to me?’ He loves playing in England and I think he feels persecuted.”

Since making the £24-million move from Inter Milan in 2010, Mario has been sent off three times, as well as being subject to many infamous off-field incidents which has left manager Roberto Mancini pulling his hair out while colleagues such as Joey Barton call him ‘The Renegade’.


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