Balotelli (right) decked out in City colours.

Mario Balotelli is reportedly “2000 per cent certain” to be at Manchester City next season, according to his agent, Mino Raiola. AC Milan vice-president, Adriano Galliani, is thought to be a big admirer of Balotelli, and Mario has made no secret that he is a fan of i Rossoneri. But apparently Balotelli’s failure to show up to the club’s FA Cup parade in no way signals the end of his career at The Blues as the cantankerous forward insisted that “I’m staying at City. I am happy there”.




Where's Wallotelli?

Despite being granted special permission to have his dog, Lucky, join him on Man City’s open-top bus parade yesterday, Balotelli was curiously missing from proceedings. The FA Cup’s Man-of-the-Match was reported to have ignored the club’s instructions to join his team mates on the parade as many pointed fingers at manager Roberto Mancini for giving the striker preferential treatment, who allegedly also allowed Balotelli to dip out of the club’s player of the year awards on Sunday. One source suggested Balotelli had been allowed to leave early for family reasons, as the Italian’s family could see no good reason to stay for events. I’m sure the two-week wage fine on his £170,000 a week salary won’t trouble the Italian too greatly.



An oldy but a goody! =)


Mario Balotelli has reportedly been granted special permission to have a special guest to join him in Manchester City’s open-top bus parade of the FA Cup today. Balotelli’s beloved black labrador, Lucky, has been granted premier seats alongside the team where as many as 100,000 fans are expected to line the streets of Manchester.
Following his multi-million pound move to City, Balotelli was forced to live six-months without Lucky due to England’s strict quarantine laws. While Balotelli was tempted to take in one of the strays from the Manchester dogs’ home to fill the void, loyal Balotelli did not have the heart to replace beloved Lucky in the interim. “I love Lucky too much and it wouldn’t be fair when he finally comes over” the star said.


Despite winning the FA Cup and contributing to Man City’s surge up the Premier League, Mario Balotelli has been quick to downplay his roll in the The Blue’s recent fine form. Even though the striker was named the Final’s Man-of-the-Match, Balotelli bluntly stated to ITV cameras after the game “My season was s***, was not very good, today maybe I play more for the team. [Eric] Cantona was really a big player, but I am different, I am Mario”.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Mario!



How much does Balotelli hate bullying? A lot, judging by his most recent actions. Man City striker Mario Balotelli became an unlikely hero when he stepped in on a young boy’s behalf to confront his harasser.

When the boy asked for his autograph after a training session, Balotelli asked the youngster why he was skipping school. Once the he explained that he was playing hooky due to being bullied, Balotelli decided to drive the boy and his mother to the school and demanded to speak with both the headmaster and the bully. Balotelli was reported to have played the mediator, helping resolve the two boys’ differences. After making the two shake hands, Balotelli was off in a flash in his (currently non-impounded) Maserati.

A source told The Sun “Mario feels strongly about bullying and thinks it’s out of order…He had no qualms about sorting the mess out as he felt the lad should not be missing out on school”.



The Sun reports that Mario Balotelli has managed to work up £10,000 worth of parking tickets, having his Maserati impounded no less than 27 times! Balotelli apparently never actually bothered to pick up the car himself either, leaving Man City liaison officers to go and collect it for him. An anonymous source at the club told The Sun that “Mario will drive from his luxury apartment to a restaurant a few streets away and leave the car on double yellows…The other week the Maserati misfired so he just abandoned it. Staff have had to bail it out 27 times…The valet the club uses empties the glovebox of tickets every time he cleans it. Mario doesn’t seem to care. It’s a drop in the ocean to him”. The source went on to add that “Mario was pulled over by the police and he had £25,000 cash on the passenger seat. They asked him why and he said, ‘Because I can’. He doesn’t care much for authority”.

Beep Beep!