Tinchy Stryder – Why Always Me?



Mario Balotelli has continued to build his contacts in the music industry by meeting up with rap star Tinchy Stryder. It’s been an eventful week for Mario (when is it not?!), having secured DJ lessons from Tim Westwood, offering to pay off people’s library fees and even reportedly paying to fill up every car on a petrol forecourt recently, declaring to fellow motorists “this one’s on me”. While the latter two have yet to be confirmed, his coming collaboration with Tinchy Stryder seems all but certain. Missing City’s game against Wigan on Monday, Mario took a trip to Stockport to meet the rapper, who has recently put a track entitled ‘Why Always Me’ on his latest EP, a song inspired by Balotelli’s off the field antics. The  phrase was sported on a t-shirt Mario was wearing during City’s 6 – 1 destruction of rivals United – hours after he set off fireworks in his multimillion pound mansion. To celebrate the release of his EP, Tinchy – a United fan – has released a line of t-shirts sporting the infamous slogan. And Tinchy was also full of praise for the eccentric striker. “He’s a real cool guy and he likes his music, too…Mario’s the type of character we haven’t really had in the Premier League. He’s got a good heart and does a lot of good things”.



Mario Balotelli has once again been caught trying to play good samaritan – this time wandering into John Ryland’s library in Manchester and offering to pay off all University of Manchester student’s library fines. By 5pm on Tuesday the news was all over Facebook and Twitter although the rumour has yet to be confirmed as true. Still, it would not be beyond the Italian, who is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the most charitable stars in the Premier League. Last year he gave £1,000 to a homeless man outside a casino and only last month was rumoured to have been driving round Manchester dressed as Santa handing out free cash. There are also rumours that he has booked homeless people into the Hilton as well as offering to pay off entire student loans. No one from John Ryland library has commented yet, but it is believed that Mario’s offer wasn’t too good to refuse.

Still, this has only added to the myth, the legend that is Mario Balotelli. Did he really offer to pay off library fines? Or was it merely a rumour started by students to add some excitement in their exam period. Perhaps only Mario will ever know…


Disc Jockeytelli

It appears that Mario Balotelli may be thinking about a career change – to become a professional DJ. The striker reportedly spent some time with the legendary Tim Westwood at an event in Manchester on Thursday where he outlined his ambition to play bangin’ tunes. The City star professed to have a love for club music and is said to have come to an agreement with Westwood over taking a series of lessons from the hip-hop DJ. Mario has already confirmed that he will be investing in the best decks available before his lessons start in the hope of being able to play his favourite music, described as ‘club bangers’ and ‘party jamz’.



Balotelli with students from Xaverian College

Mario Balotelli has once again been found in a school – this time to use the toilet. Mario surprised students on Thursday lunchtime when he parked his Bentley outside Xaverian College, Manchester, before candidly walking in to ask if  he could use the toilet. Having made use of the facilities the Italian hung around to chat with students in the canteen before walking into the teacher’s staff room. Student Edward Gasson, 18, recalled:

“After that he was just walking round campus like he owned the place and everyone was following him around.

I’m a City fan so it was amazing to see him but it was a bit ridiculous for him to come here – you would never expect it to happen”

I just hope you washed your hands after, Mario!



Mario Balotelli has insisted that current boss Roberto Mancini is a better manager than former boss, Jose Mourinho. It is true to say that Balotelli has had his fair share of run ins with both managers, but perhaps Mancini has let his fellow Italian off more lightly for his past indiscretions. Super Mario was quoted as saying “Mourinho? Among the best…But on a personal level I would say Mancini and then Mourinho…A coach has to bring 100 per cent out of a player and Mancini is brilliant at doing just that”.

In other Balotelli related news the striker was quick to nip fresh rumours of unhappiness in the bud, stating that “The Premier League has been a new experience, even if at first it was difficult, but, truthfully, now I’m really happy here”. The striker has once again been linked with a move back to Serie A with AC Milan his most likely destination. “The newspapers are saying that I want to get away from Manchester, but I’ve never spoken to them [the papers]” he said. “They can say what they want, but I’m in Manchester, I am under contract with City and until the right time, will not talk about a new contract”.

Don’t worry Mario, you won’t find us making up such rumours here at Blogotelli!



When Mario Balotelli met David Beckham during United’s 3 – 2 win over City at the Etihad Stadium this weekend the usual pleasantries were exchanged, only for Becks to seemingly wipe his nose with a Sky Blues jersey as soon as the formalities were over. There certainly appears to be some confusion over how clothing seems to work at Man City, first Mario getting in a tangle and now Golden Balls mistaking their strip for a giant blue hanky…