Man City hitman Mario Balotelli looks to have taken his boxing career one step further when he challenged Manchester United fan Matt Sherrington to a punch off in a local arcade. The Italian was said to notice 21-year old Matt hitting top scores on a punchball machine at a bowling alley and decided to challenge the young chap. Unfortunately Mario was second best by some way, despite numerous attempts on the game. But Mario showed no less of a desire to win, even taking a run up at the machine to give it all he had. Still, we should make an allowance for Mario’s defeat, given that he is currently nursing an ankle injury…

Matt n Mario





Controversial striker Mario Balotelli faces being homeless at the start of 2012 as the landlord who owns the £3million mansion the Italian is renting banned him from returning. Mario has been living in a hotel in Manchester city centre since he let off fireworks in his bathroom last November, but he has been told he cannot return until he settles a bill which runs into tens-of-thousands of pounds in damages to the property. Mario however disputes the bill and is refusing to cough up, which is said to have prompted the landlord to begin legal proceedings against him.

The landlord should just count his blessings that Mario wasn’t able to host a New Year Party on the premises!



Mario Balotelli has been a naughty boy again – this time refusing to heed Roberto Mancini’s pleas to quit his smoking habit. Smoker Balotelli is said to smoke up to two packs a week, but it doesn’t seem to have affected his performances. Mancini has tried to get the 21-year old to quit, but now seems resigned to letting the striker be, saying:

“Yeah, yeah, I know this. I know that he smokes. For me, it’s not OK but I’m not his father or his mother.

If he was my son I would give him a kick on the a** but he is not my son! I told him that it is better you don’t smoke. I am against  cigarettes always. For this reason my son doesn’t smoke. There are players who smoke in Italy and I think also here. I don’t think he smokes a lot – five or six a day. But I told him not to.”

Yet Balotelli isn’t the only high-profile footballer known to light up. Dutch legend Johann Cruyff and former Chelsea striker Gianluca Vialli both regularly smoked at the height of their games. More recently William Gallas, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole have all been caught having a cheeky fag.

If anything this is just another example of Balotelli’s obstreperous character. If Balotelli continues in the rich vein of form he’s currently in then it’s probably best to just let him be.

Puff away, Mario!



The Tudor Pub Mario Visited...

All-nighter Balotelli once again stayed out past his curfew the night before a big game – this time to buy a round for the locals and to head on to midnight mass afterward. Only days after allegedly driving round Manchester dressed as Santa whilst throwing wads of cash out the window, Mario again showed his generosity – this time putting £1,000 behind the bar of The Tudor pub in Peel Hill, Manchester, on Christmas Eve. After staying to have a chat with the locals and pose for photographs, he and girlfriend Raffaella Fico then proceeded onward to St. John’s church in Chorlton where he shocked fellow worshipers when he parted with a further £200 for the collection plate. One onlooker recalled “Nobody could believe it when he walked in…The last thing anyone expected was a big celebrity like him turning up for the service but he was very polite and charming and didn’t draw attention to himself”.

Merry Christmas indeed.



Boffins debate whether Balotelli is a genius or not. But seriously guys, was the answer ever in any doubt?

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Perhaps the most bizarre rumour surrounding Mario Balotelli this year, he was allegedly spotted driving around Manchester dressed as Father Christmas handing out £20 notes. No pictures to prove it yet, but I’m wholly inclined to believe it. He’s just the gift that keeps on giving!




Boxing day at Manchester City as Mario Balotelli and Micah Richards squared up to each other once again! The above picture was taken a mere 24-hours before Mario and Micah had their real fight over a stray pass in training. Richards, who enjoys working the punch bag in City’s gym, was apparently keen to show Mario some of his moves.

Meanwhile manager Roberto Mancini was quick to play down this week’s training ground bust up. “I asked Mario why is it always him. He said it was because Micah hadn’t passed the ball to him. When we play eight v eight at the end of training it’s passionate” adding “These things happen but it is stupid. I used to always be involved in things like this when I was a player. Once (while at Sampdoria) with Trevor Francis”.