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Mario Balotelli appears to be making the most of his 4-match ban and has chosen to invest in a new set of wheels. Mario took his new bike, complete with stabilisers, for a spin at an event called The Playground at Pancea Bar in Manchester where adults can “indulge their inner child”. It’s yet to be confirmed if Mario had a play in the ball pen afterward, but no doubt City chiefs will have some strong words for the striker, who previously clashed over Mario’s desire to ride his Harley Davidson. They did warn you, Mario!





Mario Balotelli was excited to ride his brand new Harley-Davidson motorbike – only to be told by Man City chiefs that he is banned from riding it.

The majority of Premier League players have written clauses in their contracts forbidding them from participating in injury-threatening activities. When Balotelli asked for permission from City bosses he was reportedly “laughed out the room”. A source added “It cost him a few quid and he’s bought all the added extras – expensive leathers, helmet and all the rest of it”. 

The City ace has also been involved in a string of incidents driving his Maserati round Manchester. Ever thought about public transport, Mario?